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    About us

    The Office is a hookah bar presented in a single form on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. We has a five-year history and a unique approach to guests and our business. This all gives the uniqueness of the place.

    The Main Idea

    The main idea is "here you feel at home and even better". There is a cozy and friendly atmosphere, which disposes to communicate not only with your friends, but also with the team of the hookah bar. Our guests spend their business meetings here, gather with friends and relax, listen to good music after a hard day's work. To that end, The Office offers hookahs, which is made by professionals with love, as well as author's cocktails and a large selection of tea. And that's not all. You can also purchase the next hookah products, which is offered in our shop: hookahs, “tobacco-free” mixtures for hookahs, coal, etc.


    The interior of The Office can't be defined by just one word, because it combines different styles. There are two halls for rest. The first hall is made in light and warm colors. Here you can find pillows, soft subdued light, comfortable sofas, blankets — everything that will contribute to a comfortable stay here for a couple of hours, and maybe more. In the second hall, you can spend time alone or with your friends, celebrate a birthday or organize a presentation. You can also admire the paintings of our regular guests, which are of particular value for us.


    We don't have our own kitchen in the bar, but we cannot leave our guests hungry and therefore we cooperate with the bar next door. They have European and Belarusian cuisine and offer appetizing beer snacks, pizza, burgers, soups, draniki, and much more. All that is at very affordable prices.


    Hookah masters are very responsible approach to the preparation of hookah and its presentation. They are constantly improving, attending master classes of the best masters of the CIS. We are always ready to help you to understand and feel all the delights of hookah smoking. The bar has a wide variety of hookahs and flavours.


    Here you can taste both classic cocktails and original, including unique competitive cocktails. There is a choice of 6 varieties of draft craft beer and more than 20 bottled beer, which are regularly updated. For those who want to taste several types, there are special tasting sets. Here not only beer is craft, but also cocktails, liqueurs, and soft drinks. In each name and taste of non-alcoholic cocktails you can find a piece of hookah theme and enjoy your favorite combinations. Any non-alcoholic cocktail can be ordered for one or for several persons both (it served in a pitcher). Every guest will surely appreciate the choice of wines and spirits. In cold weather, you can warm up with a large selection of hot drinks: mulled wine, grog, coffee drinks with coconut and soy milk, Chinese teas with various additives.

    Each glass of draft beer is served with a portion of nuts, and tea with a mixture of dried fruits.


    On weekends, invited DJs play in the following directions: House, Deep House, Funky, Disco House, Soulfull, Italo House, French House, Tech House, Progressive, Melodic house, Minimal, Afro House, Ethno. We also broadcast sports events and screen good movies. Here you can enjoy live music and beautiful vocal during the holidays.

    Hookah bar The Office — "Here you feel at home and even better"!

    The first time with a friend visited this place and were more than satisfied! The prompt and attentive staff, excellent hookah, and the prices are so simple super.
    Very cool Hookah with good hookahs and I like the prices. They are very adequate. I go here all the time. By the way, a DJ play and a photographer on weekends. So you can see me in the pictures with hookah and tea all the time.
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    Komarovka, Selhozposelok
    Parking, Pay by credit card

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    Minsk, Kulman st., 9
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